Protecting The Ocean

Snorkellers and Divers can be powerful advocates for Protecting the Ocean. You can make a difference.

Compiled by Chris Williams.

Interacting with marine life - Marine codes of conduct for wildlife

Learn how best to behave when interacting with marine wildlife with these codes of conduct for seals, cetaceans and seabirds.

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PADI project AWARE: 5 easy conservation initiatives to incorporate while diving

If you are immersed in the wonderful world of diving, you most likely, have an affinity or a love for our ocean planet, leading to a desire to help save the ocean.

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National Geographic: 10 Lifestyle tips to take action on saving the ocean

Find out what actions you could take in your day to day life to help the worlds oceans.

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Coral Reef diving and snorkelling - Best practice

See the top tips to make you more aware of best practice when diving in tropical reef environments.

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BSAC Guide to protecting our seas

BSAC works to safeguard the UK’s precious waters and marine life.

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