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Common Name: Pompano

Scientific Names: Trachinotus ovatus

Description: In Maltese waters this species is small (less than 10cm). It has an oval, sideways flattened body with a distinctive large forked tail and is a member of the Jack family. The overall colour is silver but with distinctive black tips to the highest part of the dorsal (back) and anal (belly) fins and at the ends of the tail.

Distinctive Features: The black tips on the dorsal (back) and anal (belly) fins and black tips to a large deeply forked tail.

Abundance: Individuals and small groups (5-10). Swims near the surface and so once you know where to look you are likely to see it on every snorkelling session, although perhaps only one group or fish per session. Whether divers would see them is debateable.

Habitat & Behaviour: It lives and swims near the surface or a few metres below it. It swims with a characteristic frantic motion with very rapid tail beats. They are reported to feed on the seabed but I have not seen this in Malta.

Reaction to Snorkellers & Divers: Wary and difficult to film.

Other Names: Derbio

Other Notes: An adult (30cm+) was filmed in the Inland Sea and the black fin marks were still distinctive.

Text: Bob Earll
Photo: Bob Earll
Video: Bob Earll

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